In Memory of Alexander Suhih, 
great jazz musician and a big loving heart…
  1. No Separation – music Irina Azarova 
  2. December (You are my Light)   – Alexander Suhih
  3. Love   –    Alexander Suhih
  4. October (Melancholy waltz To my Beloved Iris) – Alexander Suhih
  5. April (waltz of remembrance) – Alexander Suhih 
  6. Snegotayanya (Snow Melting) – Alexander Suhih, lyrics Eduard Pronilover
  7. Osennyaya Lubov (Last Love) – Alexander Suhih, lyrics Eduard Pronilover 
  8. Come to me in my dreams  –  music and lyrics Irina Azarova 
  9. No Separation     –   music and lyrics Irina Azarova  

You & Jazz

The You & Jazz project was created in memory of the great Russian jazz musician Alexander Suhih. His professional life embraced performing, composing, conducting jazz orchestras, teaching and raising new generations of jazz musicians. 
His music is pure love. Honesty, kindness, beauty, humanity, gentility, enlightenment are the qualities that would make his students and people who knew him say: 
– “Sunny Man with sparkling light in his eyes” 
– “Great Master of his Art” 
– “Great Teacher of all times” 
– “Part of his soul lives in all who knew him” 
“I hope that in the sounds of my music you will hear my love…” were his words written before his final goodbye.