My Dream Wedding / Rüya Düğünüm

  • Altın Hızma
  • Bir Gönüle
  • Bostorgay
  • Benim Adım
  • Getme Getme
  • Yağmur Yağar
  • Beni Beni
  • Aman Doktor
  • Ateş Oldum
  • Söyleyemem Derdimi
  • Kırmızı Gülün
  • Vardar Ovası

Irina’s music takes us back in time to the villages of Turkey, Crimea, Balkans and Azerbaijan. Her supportive musicians are brilliant unto themselves. She compiled and researched songs that come from the heartfelt longing for love for return to homeland and the healing of loss. Irina’s voice delivers the musical charm, rhythmic complexity and heart of these songs with a clear simplicity that reveals the greatness of this timeless music. With the rapid transformation of the modern world it feels good to be brought back to a music that roots us deep in the soul of people connected to the Earth and also in the feelings of people who feel with their hearts. When everything seems to be gone we can still touch the Soul of a place, through music and poetry…
~Ruth Gould-Goodman