You & Jazz

This CD was not planned but rather has emerged spontaneously in response to the news about Alexander Suhih’s passing and realization of the unique gifts of music and love he left behind.

Thirty five years, oceans and continents which separated us have become invisible, non-existent in the light of the Divine Love that has no borders…

It has been a blessing to have the outstanding musician, composer, pianist, and absolutely marvelous person Sergey Chipenko as a director and arranger in this project. Sergey has created the best possible interpretations of A.Suhih’s piano miniatures and songs

He has taken everything very close to his heart; he has revealed the very delicate beauty of Alexander’s music as well as created amazing instrumental frames for my original songs that were born in response to loss and grieving.

Big thank you and accolades to Alfredo Câceres for creating a flamenco guitar musical track to “Come to Me in My Dreams” song.

  • Sergey Chipenko – Music director, arrangement, piano 
  • Irina Azarova – Vocals
  • Alfredo Câceres – Guitar
  • Kit Records (Moscow), Trans Atlantic (Los Angeles) – Record studios
    Igo Kogan, Gen Nady, Sasha Lev, Nik Chipenko – Sound engineers

Come To Me, My Love

  • İrina Azarova – Music & Vocals
  • Ruth Gould-Goodman – Lyrics
  • Sebahat Polat – Turkish Translation
  • Sinan Erdemsel – Oud, Frame Drum, Arrangement, Directing
  • Alper Çam – Vocals, Recording, Editing & Mastering
  • Murat Tırnak – Düdük
  • Funda Süyür – Kanun
  • Ahmet Cemal Öksuz – Ney

My Dream Wedding / Rüya Düğünüm

I devote my first album to the memory of my beloved parents Zekiye and Nikolay, and my beloved grandmother Sebiye. A heartfelt gratitude to all my dear friends whose encouragement, belief in me, teachings and advices propelled me to the realization of the CD project. Many thanks to amazing Turkish musicians for creating an authentic soundtrack. It fills my heart with outpouring excitement and joy. Special thanks to Sinan Erdemsel, the main figure behind this music project, who also played most of instruments and arranged music; to Utku Yigit, the recording master and kanun player. Both of them spent endless hours working on the project and contributed greatly to it.

  • İrina Azarova – Vocals
  • Sinan Erdemsel – Album Director, Ud, Violin, Yaylı Tanbur, Bağlama, Kockarca, Drums, and Vocals
  • Utku Yiğit – Gada Sanat Recording Studio, Mixing, Editing, Kanun, and Vocals (10)
  • Bekir Sakarya – Accordeon
  • Ahmet Cemal Öksüz – Ney and Piano
  • Alper Çam – Mastering
  • Erdinç Kadıoğlu – Darbuka, Riqq, and Azeri Davul
  • Murat Tırnak – Kaval
  • Hüsnü Tuzsuz –  Violin Taksim (Söyleyemem Derdimi, Kırmızı Gül, Vardar Ovası)