This music is lush, sensual and filled with the beauty of a heart seeking to know love. It is timeless in its intimacy and its capacity to open you to feel your own deep longing for connection. The Russian musicians adopted and loved American Jazz as a way to express their soul during a time when many freedoms were restricted. The pressure of inhibition has generated the brilliant soul touching compositions of Alexander Suhih that are being brought out in our time by Irina Azarova for all of us to remember the eternal quality of the impulse of the heart to express itself.

Ruth Gould-Goodman – You & Jazz

Thank you Irina, That is a hauntingly beautiful and complex song. thank you for singing it and making it live so I can hear it. Your voice is touching and real and brings out the ancient beauty of the song.

Love Ruth – Kırmızı Gülün

Dearest Sister, when i think of you, I think of beauty and grace and femininity in all its gloriousness. Your presence inspires sweetness like a divine nectar, your wisdom is all pervading and your love and kindness is a treasure for me to hold in my heart. This is how I feel when I think of you. :)))))) You have given me so much understanding, patience and your words of wisdom on my journey stay with me moment by moment. I can still hear you singing in the Dergah and the choir of Angels that is your voice is soothing, reflects my longing for the beloved and it opens my heart to trust in the Beloved and you sweet soul sister. Also, your strength and gentleness combined show me how these two characteristics can be synthesized in one heart. Thank you dear Angel Irina and for now all is well.


I think of you every day, and treasure your precious gift to me – a beautiful pearl bracelet, but most of all I treasure encounter with you, your magical deep soul, your eyes that hold the wisdom of many lives and voice that sings from the very core of your being, intoxicating us with drunkenness of life. 


I first heard Irina sing this music one night in the hot springs of Esalen Institute in California. The stars glittered above us and her lovely voice reverberated above the pure mineral waters. It was an enchanting performance of music that I have not heard often. Such beautiful music! I love the slide between notes. It is like a falling and then a rescue, over and over, as in life.


Irina has mesmerizing voice, she is a charmer, enchanter,
musical siren. Her voice takes you into the world of fantasy, romanticism,
where your soul rests and rejuvenates. Her songs are lullabies that touch
something deeper inside.

Lucy Sky

In a magical way, Irina brought together some of the best Turkish Sufi musicians to record with her the beautiful folk and sacred music of Turkey. A journey to an enchanting world

Yuval Ron – My Dream Wedding & Come To Me, My Love

Listening to the song “Come To Me, My Love” by Irina Azarova, I was impressed by her beautiful voice and variety of intricate sounds. I felt vibrations in my whole body and at the same time these vibrations turned into movement of my body in a form of a spiral. This movement brought me a sense of joy and gratitude. 

Victoria – Come To Me, My Love

Irina has made a very nice inspirational recording with the very best musicians! I share the same passion with her which is Turkish music. You can’t find such depth, mysticism, soulfulness in any other music but Turkish.

Thank you

Raphael Neyzen – Come To Me, My Love

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  1. Irina is a siren of the elements. Her passion embodies the call of the Sirens. She effortlessly transmits an eloquence of tone and musicality that sources from deep feeling and sacred incantation.
    A sorceress of sound, her voice beguiles and inspires.

  2. Knowing Irina for many years as a beautiful woman inside and out, should not surprise me, at her new success in music as a singer. Her talent and depth as a singer, and dancer is astounding.
    Love, Elli

  3. Thank you Irina for the beautiful presentation of your own composition on poetry of Edward Pronelover.Love around us in everywhere ,her delicate streams surrounding our soul and you, my dear, with your voice provide and coloring it.
    Jane Shekhtmeyster – You & Jazz.

  4. Dear Irina;
    I am blessed to have met you and been able to enjoy and experience your angelic voice and talent.
    many thanks again for taking the time and effort with Serguey to lend life to Gelem Gelem.
    You added Life and Depth to my recent Show.
    I am transported every time I listen to your tribute album to Alexander Suhih and to your Turkish Songs.
    To many years of Friendship to come

  5. Irina Azarova’s singing is at once nostalgic of lost times and faraway,exotic places .It transports the listener to an inner
    place which is intensely private and yet exposes one’s most secret desires in a public way. Your music gives voice
    to the longing for all the selves we once were or could have been. It’s redolent with opportunities missed and
    the fear and pain of never having lived, after all.
    The listener travels vicariously to all the places you guide us to -the past, the present and the future imagined.

    Thank you for your beautiful talent !

  6. Merhaba
    İrina Azarova güçlü sesiyle Türk Sanat Müziği’nin başyapıt eserlerini tüm kalbiyle seslendirmiş. Samimiyeti, terennümünde okunan eserleri ancak bir yerli sanatkar gibi seslendirebilen sayın Azarova’ya bir sanatsever olarak çok teşekkür ediyorum. Ayrıca Türk musikisine olan yakın alaka ve merakının da devamını diliyorum ki bizler kendisinden daha çok istifade edebilelim.

  7. Such a beautiful voice singing my favourite Turkish Art Music. It’s wonderful, especially listening to it live from my lovely Irina. I can’t describe it good enough maybe, better to get the cd and listen to it.

  8. You & Jazz is a high quality album with masterpiece compositions and piano playing. Irina’s singing is quite unique and beautiful. Her singing style has both nostalgic and mystical qualities! I quite enjoyed the album – thank you for your talent!

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